Diabetes WA

With Connect, Diabetes gets a little bit easier

A Diabetes Awareness workshop for you and your supporters, in Stirling


Connect and you

Living with Diabetes is more than finding a good workout, going on a diet plan or taking medicine. It’s a life changing condition that affects everything you do.

Thankfully, with the right self-management and support from health professionals, family and friends you can live a fulfilling life without complications. (And if you’re pre-diabetic, you may avoid the condition).

In the one day Connect with Diabetes workshop you will learn why you need to take the condition seriously. We’ll share the subsidies and support benefits available to you and give you a framework to help you stick to healthy habits longer than just a few weeks.

The times you slip you will recover and get your healthy habits back on track. Your hard work and commitment will pay off and you will make changes that last!

Diabetes is a condition that affects not only you but everybody in your life. Don’t tackle it solo, when booking, remember to add a plus one!


How much?

  • It’s free for you and a plus one!


PS. If you’ve already attended a Connect, feel free to come along again, and you may like to bring a new support person. Otherwise, please share the workshop with any of your friends or family who want to learn more about Diabetes.